The De Petras Saga by Emily E.K. Murdoch

About Author Emily E.K. Murdoch :

USA Today Bestselling author, Emily E K Murdoch, is read in multiple languages all over the world. You can enjoy my sweet romances written as Emily Murdoch, and my steamy romances as Emily E K Murdoch.


The De Petras Saga by Emily E.K. Murdoch Include :

1. The Misplaced Husband: Opal de Petras knew it was a mistake to marry the man she fell in love with at first sight.
Welcome to book 1 in The de Petras Saga from USA Today Bestselling Author Emily E K Murdoch!
Three children later, she’s abandoned by her husband and is tempted to look elsewhere for love. But as the matriarch of her family and the one responsible for their reputations, she must try to keep the de Petras family respectable.

So when on the very day that her husband Jasper is declared dead – and she is declared a widow – he suddenly appears back in her life, right before she is about to take a lover, he has a lot of questions to answer…

Jasper de Petras knew there was no option but to abandon his family when the threatening letters started arriving – but after receiving paperwork that announces his death, it’s time to return home. Unsure whether the danger is past and determined to make Opal fall in love – and marry him – again, could it all fall apart before he’s able to convince her?
At the beginning of the de Petras Saga, join Opal and Jasper as they discover just how strong the bonds of love are – and what it takes to break them.

2. The Impoverished Dowry: Coral de Petras is on the hunt for the perfect husband, and she doesn’t care who knows it.
In her third Season and with the shock of her father’s shipping business collapsing in disaster, Coral makes the hard decision to forgo a love match and fall back on the plan she had as a child.
Marry for money.
But if Coral’s giving up a love match, she doesn’t just want to settle for any gentleman: she has a list. A list of all the qualities she will demand from her future husband—and publishes it in all the newspapers.
A chance introduction with a duke (sadly not fulfilling all the points on her list) throws her completely off balance. Her dowry is gone, but doesn’t that mean she should demand the absolute best?
The Duke of Glaenarm is handsome, charming, devilishly devoted to her. And imperfect. Damn. At least, that is what Edward Barlow, Duke of Glaenarm, is informed by Coral at Almack’s.
Amused by the fiery haired beauty who demands a husband who meets her lofty and unrealistic expectations, Edward decides to trick her into affection for him—proving that even if she believes him imperfect, she can fall in love.

But the more time they spend discussing her potential suitors, neither Coral nor Edward can control the desire pulling them together—and as the de Petras family’s outrageous behavior continues to threaten their respectability, it’s becoming more and more difficult for Coral to understand what she wants from life.
A respectable, boring, wealthy suitor who completes her list…or an imperfect duke that makes her feel alive?


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