All About History Book of the Samurai – 2nd Edition 2022

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Honour. Discipline. Death-defying courage. The samurai are among the most iconic forces the world has ever seen. Yet alongside their military prowess and fearsome battle rage they celebrated a strict code of etiquette, a deep appreciation of aesthetics, and a serene philosophy. They were warrior poets. Discover the history of this multifaceted fighting force, from its earliest inception on the plains of Honshu to the internecine systems of the imperial court and the feudal daimyo that controlled Japan’s most fierce fighters. Explore how this unique warrior class began, how it was refined as it rose to power under the auspices of the shogun warlords, and how, eventually, it was broken by the reforms of the Meiji Emperor. On the way, you’ll meet heroes and heroines, encounter vast armies, visit the sites of epic battles, and learn how the samurai saw the world. Find out how they transformed Japan through their deeds, their words, and their legacy.


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