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About All About History :

All About History is the UK’s biggest independent history magazine. Bringing together the drama of human history with expert analysis, incredible illustrations and captivating storytelling. It’s the ideal read for anyone who loves learning about history.


Each issue captures the imagination with six regular features including:

Ancient Empires: From Ancient Egypt and the Macedonian Empire to the Jin Dynasty and the Roman Empire, discover the amazing stories behind the truths and myths that have defined our world.

World Wars: Uncover some of the most tragic and heroic true stories from the trenches of World War I, and the battlegrounds of World War II.

Inside History: Incredible insights into historic buildings and machinery that changed the way we live forever.

Heroes and Villains: Learn what made the most influential figures in history tick, from kings and queens to inventors and explorers.

Timeline: Follow the most significant dates in history in chronological order, tracking the rise and fall of empires and individuals alike.

What if: Leading historians debate how the world may have looked today if some of the key historical events had turned on their head. What would have happened if Germany had won the Battle of Britain? What if the gunpowder plot had succeeded? What if the Vikings had colonised North America?

All About History digital magazine is guaranteed to entertain and educate – subscribe today and access your first issue instantly on your digital device.


About All About History – Issue 118 2022 :

Rise of the Ottomans
How the sultans built a superpower to challenge Europe

Hunt for Atlantis
The truth behind the myth and the ongoing search for answers

The Story of Punk
Inside the musical movement that shocked the establishment

Who Were the Huns?
Revealing where these challengers to Rome came from

History’s Worst Hurricanes
Terrible natural disasters explained and examined

Battle of Five Kings
Dissecting one of the key conflicts in the Hundred Years’ War


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