The Arrogant Earls series by Kathleen Ayers

About Author Kathleen Ayers :

Kathleen Ayers has been a hopeful romantic since the tender age of fourteen when she first purchased a copy of Sweet Savage Love at a garage sale while her mother was looking at antique animal planters. Since then she’s read hundreds of historical romances and fallen in love dozens of times.

The Arrogant Earls series by Kathleen Ayers Include :

1. Forgetting the Earl: Seducing the Earl of Southwell is the perfect revenge…unless Honora loses her heart.
Honora Drevenport is a young, awkward, barely acceptable young lady when she first meets the dashing Earl of Southwell and falls hopelessly in love.

After suffering a terrible humiliation at the hands of Southwell’s friends, Honora’s family forces her to marry. Years later, Honora is no longer unhappily wed but a stunning widow and the toast of London. A woman who has never forgotten the Earl of Southwell or what happened that terrible night.

Honora’s plan is simple; make Southwell fall in love with her and exact her revenge.

2. Chasing the Earl: Spinster Emmagene Stitch doesn’t believe in love…until she meets the worst earl in London.
Welcome to book 2 in thenew steamy historical romance series set in Victorian London by Kathleen Ayers.

There is no gentleman in all of London considered more rude, impolite, blunt, and just plain awful than the Earl of Huntly. Miss Emmagene Stitch, self-proclaimed spinster is considered nearly as unpleasant with her sharp tongue and opinions.

The only thing Emmagene and Huntly can agree upon is their dislike of the house party they both find themselves attending. Forced into Huntly’s company by their hostess, Emmagene finds herself attracted to the earl despite the deficits to his character. Their affair is as unexpected as it is passionate.

But will it survive their eventual return to London?

3. Enticing the Earl: Time is running out for Oleana Honeywell.
She’s found safety as a housekeeper in the Earl of Montieth’s household, but she can’t stay hidden forever. The earl’s butler is determined to have her fired. Oleana doesn’t know the first thing about managing a household. She can’t even find the linen closet. And Carrot, her overly large, very spoiled cat has taken a liking to Lord Montieth.

Carrot’s affections are not returned.
But it is the attraction growing between Oleana and Montieth that worries her the most. No housekeeper, not even a fake one, should engage in trysts with their employer. Or worse, fall in love.
What will happen when Montieth finds out everything Oleana has told him is a lie?


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