Steelwick Series by Lorelei M. Hart, Jena Wade

About Author :

 She lives in Michigan. By day she works as a web developer, and at night she writes. Born and raised on a farm, she spends most of her free time outdoors, playing in the garden, or riding her horses. She also helps run the family dairy farm.

Steelwick Series by Lorelei M. Hart, Jena Wade Include

1. Protecting His Pride – Sometimes life bakes up more than just cookies.
Alpha Baxter’s life in the Steelwick Pride has given him purpose. Along with his fellow shifters, they are the balance that keeps the Councill from gaining too much power and shifter packs from endangering their kind. It’s a good life and all he’s ever wanted. That is until fate steps in and turns his world upside down in the best of ways.
Omega Ralf loves living with the Northbay pack with his twin brother and his new pack. Finally free from the horrors of his youth, he is finding out who he is and where he belongs. Not once has he suspected that fate would lead him away from his new life, but when fate comes a knocking, the only thing left is to open the door.
Moving away from everything and everyone he loves, Ralf finds a new place as the official baker of Steelwick. And his mate? Baxter is everything he’d ever longed for in a mate and a whole bunch of things he hadn’t even known to ask. Everything is perfect until a past mission of Baxter’s comes back to haunt them.

2. Protecting His Purpose – A cup of sugar—a dash of spice…oops is that a spell?
Alpha Syman’s life in the Steelwick Pride has always been everything he needed. He lives with his found family and makes the world a better place for shifters. That is until he crossed paths with his fated mate—a mate who doesn’t recognize him or so he thought. He’s willing to be as patient as his mate needs, even as the mating sickness inside him grows.
Omega Lewis’s life had been far from sunshine and roses. Escaping to the Northbay pack gave him the future he never thought he’d have, one that was safe and filled with love. And then one day everything changed. Suddenly he senses a mate. He wants to run to his arms and let him know he is his forever. Only one problem; Lewis’ past has his wolf terrified of lions and he’s not sure he can face his wolf rejecting the man he knows was put on this earth just for him.
After the birth of his brother’s twins, Lewis gathers the strength to face what he thinks is his biggest fear and moves to Steelwick pack to be with his mate. He soon discovers he has a gift he never suspected and will need it as he faces his past and helps Steelwick try to take down The Omega Games.

3. Protecting His Potential – Not all cinnamon rolls come from Steelwick’s bakery.
Alpha Rainer never lets his injury get in the way of his work as a member of Steelwick. He might have a prosthetic leg, but he can take down the strongest shifters in a fight on the worst of days. At least he used to be the fiercest fighter in the pack, since his last mission he’s a mess—his tiger’s not doing well coming off the potion forced upon him, the forced mating scent has his body in a turmoil, and then there is the new omega taking up his every thought.
Omega Silvano’s life was turned upside down when he applied for a manny position only to find the job nonexistent and the entire situation far more sinister. Forced to be a contestant in the Omega Games, he saw no choice but to risk everything and help Steelwick shut them down permanently. Nowhere else to go, he agrees to stay with Steelwick temporarily and help with the pack’s young. It’s a nice enough pack, even if Rainer keeps ignoring their connection.
If only that were Silvano’s biggest problem. His life is at risk from the people who should’ve protected him the most. Now it is up to Rainer to save his mate and take his place at his side where he’s always belonged..


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