Ebooks Romance Rural Bachelors Series by Cedar Rose

Ebooks Romance Rural Bachelors Series by Cedar Rose Include :

1. Ever’s Last – I fell in love with him when I was a little girl, but now we’re adults, and everything is different.
I’ve loved him since I was five years old. Even then, I think I knew he was important in my life. As the years passed, I had a plan. I was going to tell Memphis I loved him. I had every detail planned out and knew exactly how I was going to do it.
Only, nothing went according to plan. Fate had something else prepared for me and in the blink of an eye my entire world was turned upside down.
I never got to tell him how I felt, and now years have passed and fate has shoved us in one another’s path. But like everything else, things change over time and we’re not the same people anymore.
But being close to him causes feelings to resurface—the good and the bad.
I think I have everything figured out when a bomb is dropped on me. One I never thought was possible, and now I’m questioning everything.
***Ever’s Last was previously released in 2020. This is an updated, new version.

2. Skye’s Fall – I loved her once, and now I hate her.
Years ago, I fell in love with a girl. I found her under the bleachers crying because she’d been bullied. I showed her the world wasn’t as cruel as those people had been. I showed her love. Then, she changed.
Skye became the bully, the very thing she hated. I didn’t even recognize the woman she became. Yet, I still loved her. The day of her wedding, I tried to get her to stay, thinking she would be the woman I knew she was under the surface, but she shoved me away.
Since then, I haven’t let many into my heart. But Skye’s back, not just in town, but in my heart. She found a way back in and has taken up residence.
Now, I can’t stand to be around her. But that isn’t the worst part. I lost everything to my name, except my dog. Thankfully, Sal gave me a chance to earn some money working for the show. And the icing on the cake? Sal has paired me with Skye, and even though I hate her . . . I’ve never stopped loving her.

3. Timber’s Line – My life was perfect, and then it all changed.
I had it all—money, career, love. In the blink of an eye, I managed to destroy everything. I blew up the pieces of my life so they could never be put back together.
The woman I loved left me, and I lost my career. Instead of the high on life feeling I once had, all I feel now is hatred and an enormous amount of anger. My friends have tried to pull me out of it, but nothing’s working.
I was given a second chance as Sal’s errand boy. It’s the only way I can pull myself out of this hole and get back to the top. I feel like I’ve sunk too low. Yet, I still accepted and found myself back on the set of Chicken Fried Love as a gopher for the crew.
It was awful in the beginning to be where I found my love, or who I thought was my love, and I was horrible to everyone, especially Timber. I was such a jackass, and treated her lower than the dirt on my shoe just because I didn’t want to get hurt. Then I started to see Timber in a different light, began to realize that she’s different than most women.
As time passes, I see that we are more alike than I anticipated. My life is a mess, and in her mind, hers is too. But she still sees the beauty in broken things, and I come to find that I like that.
Could she be my second chance at love or the reason I never give it a shot again?

4. Snow’s Storm – Snow
I thought I was in love. He made me feel pretty and loved, until a car accident had me rethinking our relationship. I ran from him to the arms of another man—one who soon became my warden instead of a savior.
Humiliated and hurt—quite literally—I also lost touch with my friends, the people I call family.
After a drunken night out, I had enough.
Escaping, battered and bruised, I went to the last place I’d felt safe.
Shane took me in and made me feel safe and secure. London made me feel loved. Afton made just feel all over again.
Three men love me. But I have my doubts when one becomes the next bachelor. They’re all but confirmed when one of them changes—and not in a good way.
It makes me wonder if I’m meant to have a happily ever after.


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