Riders of Fire Dragon Masters Series by Eileen Mueller

About Author Eileen Mueller :

I write young adult fantasy novels, children’s fiction and short stories.


Riders of Fire Dragon Masters Series by Eileen Mueller Include :

1. Anakisha’s Dragon – A feisty street fighter avenging her dead brother. A dashing dragon rider in the right place at the wrong time. And an unlikely pirate captain with nothing left to lose.
Being a dragon rider is not in Anakisha’s plans. And Anakisha’s stubborn. She’s not giving up her dreams anytime soon.
Even the dashing Yanir—the King’s Rider, who patrols the skies on the onyx King Syan—can’t convince her to train at Dragons’ Hold. But then again, Yanir’s as irritating as he is good looking. Then Anaksiha’s gifts unfold, a dragon comes calling, and a crisis calls her into action.
Will’s an opportunist, combing the Naobian market to feed his starving sister. Luck goes his way, until a fateful game in a dodgy tavern changes his life forever.
He and his best friend wake on a ship, desperate, surrounded by bloodthirsty pirates, and armed only with Will’s gift of the gab. But even Will can’t talk his way out of this one…
This epic clash will plunge Dragons’ Realm into generations of bloody battles.

2. Dragon Mage – A young mage with raw, untamed power struggles for control while searching for his missing father. His vindictive trainer taunts him with the secret of his father’s disappearance.
Giddi, a powerful young mage, can mind-meld with dragons at will, making him the only dragon mage in Dragons’ Realm. If he wasn’t so brash and impulsive, he might amount to something. It would help if his missing father, a Master Mage, could train him.
Instead he’s stuck with Starrus, his arrogant and jealous trainer—the sole person who knows his father’s whereabouts.
If Giddi ever wants to see his father again, he must ensure his father’s secrets do not die with his trainer. But Starrus ruthlessly tests Giddi, repeatedly putting them in danger. Giddi’s rash actions cause an honored dragon rider’s death and a feud that will last generations.
As if fighting fearless pirates, freeing a sea dragon and battling a kraken isn’t enough, Starrus abandons Giddi in the hot desert sands of the Wastelands, leaving him as carrion for the Robandi assassins…
How can Giddi convince Starrus to tell him the truth? Or will he die trying?

3. Dragon Pirate – What can one lone woman, disguised as a cabin boy, do against a notorious pirate captain with a bloodthirsty crew and a fierce sea dragon?
When Rusty’s uncle is killed by the Scarlet Hand, a bloodthirsty pirate captain, she vows to avenge him.
She’s taken captive as the Scarlet Hand’s new cabin boy. She must keep her true identity secret or risk losing her virtue—or her life.
Will never wanted to become the Scarlet Hand, the notorious pirate captain of the Fiery Dragon, but his vengeful dragon goaded him into shedding the blood of the last captain. Instead of plundering and killing, Will sells prisoners. That way, they keep their lives, and the dragon gods may smile upon him and grant him luck.
The gods know he needs it.
He’s signed a contract with the formidable Emperor Haakin. If he doesn’t deliver, the emperor’s assassins will hunt him down, tie him to the yardarm of the Fiery Dragon, and slice him into pieces.
But when Will ventures into the emperor’s mines, he discovers a terrible secret.
And when his cabin boy learns of it, Will discovers the cabin boy has secrets of his own.
Secrets that turn their lives upside-down.


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