Personal Demons Series by Tana Rose

Personal Demons Series by Tana Rose Include :

1. The Haunting of Sophie Covey – It’s pointless to haunt an empty house, any ghost will tell you that.
That’s what I’ve been doing since I died, existing in a space devoid of life. A huge house with no living occupants. Just me and three other ghosts with no memory of our lives before this. An endless monotony of ghost hunters and maintenance men are our only forms of entertainment.
Until Sophie Covey moves in.
We should keep our distance. We should scare her until she flees the house in terror, but she calls to us like no one we’ve seen before, a beacon in the dark of our endless existence.
The more we’re around her the stronger we get, the more we can manipulate our surroundings and interact with the girl who glows like a flame.
After hundreds of years of death, we finally feel like we’re coming back to life.
I’ve spent years thinking I’m crazy.
To be fair, seeing people that don’t exist and having conversations with them? Yeah that’s pretty damn crazy.
But when I inherit a house that I had no idea my parents owned and move in, strange things start to happen–disembodied voices, flickers of images and random strangers just popping up out of nowhere–I start to think that, maybe, I’ve never been crazy.
Maybe I’ve simply been seeing spirits that no one else could.

2. The Revelation of Sophie Covey – I thought I knew what I wanted
After discovering there’s a reason for the visions I’ve been having since I was thirteen, that they weren’t in fact visions at all but demons that only I can see.
Finding out I’m a Source has answered a lot of the questions I have about myself, but it’s raised more too. And with the rules and regulations in place by Hell regarding how Guardians can treat their Sources, I’m not sure it’s something I want.
The Guardians of Region 137 may be better than other quads, but they still want to keep me locked up safe and sound, my only use as a battery to keep them changed so they can continue to hunt escaped demons.
But when they are suddenly ripped away from me, I begin to question everything I thought I wanted, namely a life without Jace, Killian, Rome and Vaughn controlling my actions.
With a growing threat on the horizon, can we find some way to work together, to defeat our enemies and find happiness?

3. The Demise of Sophie Covey – Cut off from my power. Arrested for Treason. Imprisoned in Hell.
My situation can’t get much worse.
When Lucifer accuses me of working with Caladan, the demon intent on destroying life on earth as we know it, I am shocked. And f*cked.
Proving my innocence from the Seventh Circle is doing to be damn difficult.
But I now I must.
After all, everyone has been telling me the fate of the world is in my hands. And I certainly can’t save it if I’m locked in Hell.
With my Quadrians arguing my innocence, someone using my power against us and an intriguing spy in our grasp, we scramble to find answers before it’s too late.

4. The Rapture of Sophie Covey – The light has gone out in our world. Pain and desolation rule.
Caladan has made his move. He took our girl from us and the worst has happened. We struggle to find a way forward, when everything we old dear has been ripped away.
But we can’t afford to stop fighting, to give up. The world needs us. More importantly, Sophie would never forgive us if we gave up.
Vengeance is on our minds as we move forward, the need to rip, burn, destroy the demon who dared to destroy the most precious thing in the world.
When Sophie returns to us, with an unexpected gift from Heaven, we’re able to finally focus, to do what we set out to do all those months ago:
Defeat Caladan.
Save humanity.
And this time we have Heaven on our side.


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