Fated By Starlight Series by January Bell

About Author January Bell :

January Bell writes steamy sci-fi and fantasy romance with a guaranteed happily ever after.

Fated By Starlight Series by January Bell Include :

1. Claimed By The Lion – Wishing on a falling star is supposed to be a silly family tradition. It’s definitely not supposed to send me and my sisters to another dimension.
When I wake, my sisters are gone, and in their place? A prehistoric-sized lion… who shifts into a man.
He insists I’m his fated mate. Yeah, right. I’m desperate to find my sisters and get back to Earth. But when his touch triggers magic in me, he’s sure it’s proof we’re destined.
Whatever the power is, it attracts a creature out for my blood… and my sisters’. According to Ras, only mating will unlock my full powers and keep me safe.
All I know for sure? It’s getting a helluva lot harder to resist the attraction between us.

2. Stolen By The Scorpio – He stole me, locked me away in a tower, and forgot about me. I don’t care if everyone says he was cursed. I don’t care if they say he’s my fated mate; I can never fully trust him.
But when the things that haunt my dreams become all too real, I’ll have to learn to rely on him to survive.
That doesn’t mean I’m giving into the so-called mate bond, no matter how drawn to him I am, no matter how much he wants me.
But he’s a Scorpio through and through- he won’t stop fighting for me.
And maybe I’m starting to like that.

3. Taurus Untamed – I’m a world away from anything familiar—but it’s like I’ve known him my whole life.
I never realized my father’s stories about alternate dimensions were a warning. But when I wake up in the gentle arms of a horned giant, his theories become all too real. My sisters are gone, I’ve traveled through some kind of rip in the universe… and the man holding me says I’m his fated mate. I need to find my sisters, but the people here have been under attack.
They need my nursing skills, and I can’t find it in myself to abandon them… or the gruff, brutish man who’s set on taking care of me. So I get to work, staying as busy as I can. My so-called fated mate makes it easy, and despite his stern exterior, I sense a heart of gold. I’m undeniably attracted to him, but I’m not ready for forever.
Then the unthinkable happens. I’m kidnapped, taken by the same people responsible for the attacks on the village: vampires.
I can only hope he’ll fight for what he thinks is his… me.

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