Erotic books by Just Plain Bob

About Author Just Plain Bob :

Just Plain Bob is an author of many wife-sharing, divorce and separation stories.


Erotic books by Just Plain Bob Include :

The Gambler: Intense Erotica
If arousing, steamy erotica is what you’re looking for, then this is the perfect book for you—maximum pleasure guaranteed!

Susan’s gambling problem has her drowning in debt. She’s desperate to gather money—and quick—but the only option she could think of is so wrong and so dirty, and could cost her her family.
Still, she signs up for another gamble: se¬ll her body.

But some of the men have other ideas. And when her husband finds out, he cooks up a bargain for her that would change Susan’s—The Gambler’s life forever.

Blackmailed MILF: Lusty Mother Seduction
It’s certainly been awhile since her last sexual high and since her husband isn’t helping her situation, Patty decides to take herself out on the town for a simple ego boost.

It is just a few drinks and some welcome but harmless flirting… then it gets way out of hand. Now, the last person she thought would do something like this to her is now blackmailing her.

But this blackmail game will not go as they planned…

Never Never: Part-time Lovers
Rob meets Marcy in college and believes she’s the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He loves her so much that he proposes to her right away. They are engaged and happy…until spring break.
In the wake of the disaster that is Marcy, Rob meets Cheri. Cheri is fun, a great companion and Rob finds himself happy again…until he proposed.

Following the string of failed relationships with women who either betrayed him or didn’t want him, Rob loses his trust in women and swears off commitments. He lives the bachelor life. Rob believes he’s just unlucky until a sudden inheritance changes his life forever He may not be so unlucky after all.

With a new-found wealth, Rob straightens out his life. It’s finally peaceful and comfortable…until he meets the young and gorgeous Ellen, an escort.
Will history repeat itself?


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