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About Author Marian Tee :

Marian Tee is a Filipino-Chinese New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the Philippines. She writes steamy and sweet romantic comedies, both paranormal and contemporary.

Romance Books by Marian Tee Include

Book #1 – Secrets
New priorities have forced Vivian to spend significant time away from Italian billionaire Luca Valencia, but it doesn’t seem like Vivian’s powerful, gorgeous husband even notices her absence. Even worse, Luca’s beautiful ex-wife has suddenly returned to the picture and makes no effort to hide her intentions: Maria wants her family back – and she believes she has what it takes to be a better wife and mother than Vivian can ever be.
Pride forces Vivian to pretend she’s not hurting while love forces her to face the toughest question: is it right to fight for her marriage – even if she’s no longer sure that she’s what Luca and his little girl need to be happy?

Book #2 – The Marriage Dare
27-year-old Jane Cooper is your quintessential girl Friday: presentable but no beauty queen, smart but not a genius, reliable but never a go-getter. Everyone thinks they know what to expect from her…except they don’t.
For one thing, Jane can’t say no to dares. Which is why when her friends dare Jane to make out with a stranger—
She does it.
And when said beautiful stranger dares her to marry him—
She says ‘yes.’

Book #3 – Savage, Broken, Beautiful
To save her father from prison, geeky graphic artist Arabella Blume agrees to sell herself to Aurélien Sauvage, a young French billionaire whose life is shrouded in mystery and strange and conflicting rumors.
When she’s immediately whisked away to a remote island, Arabella braces herself for all kinds of torture. But instead, her new life is more perplexing than terrifying.
During the day, the staff pampers her like a princess.
But as for the nights –
They’ve become her most precious and shameful secret.
When all is silent and dark, Arabella succumbs to the dangerously addictive passion of her master. Night after night, he listens to her, he talks to her, he makes her laugh, he makes her forget – and later on, he fucks her.
He fucks her long and hard, he fucks her until she passes out, he fucks her so, so beautifully, and Aurélien promises to cherish her forever – for as long as she doesn’t break his rules.
Never talk about me to anyone.
And she doesn’t.
Never kiss me.
And she doesn’t.
And the most imperative, my beauty – never, ever try to look at me in the light.
But Arabella does.
She doesn’t mean to, but it happens, and that’s when Arabella realizes all along she’s been making love to an animal.
A man with a beautiful face, sapphire eyes, and a lethally powerful body, but at the same time a beast with terrifying horns, claws, and fangs –
Oh my God.
La bête Sauvage.
It’s what the islanders have been whispering about – something they’ve always known but never told her, something she thought she understood but didn’t, something that may change the way she sees him –
Her owner.
Her lover.
And he seems to know this, too, as the beast – her beast – asks quietly,
Do I frighten you now, ma belle?
Do I disgust you?
Do you want me still?

Book #4 – Acheron’s Woman
“I’m sorry,” Pippi said finally, “but I don’t think I’m your type, and it would hurt me to see you bored with my company after just a few minutes.”
As Pippilotta “Pippi” Jones considered herself allergic to rich, handsome men, finding out that she was required by her work to visit Greek billionaire Acheron Simonides in his home was Pippi’s worst dream come true.
But since an order was an order…
Acheron had never been attracted to the shy, sensible sort, but the way the woman so valiantly did her best to resist him resulted in making Ms. Jones the sole exception to the rule. Even so, the billionaire believed it was only a matter of time and skillful negotiation before he could make the little blusher his.
Or so he thought.

Book #5 – Dating My Uncle’s Friend (Obsession Series #1)
My new boss is my uncle’s close friend…
He’s rich and gorgeous, but because I’m eighteen to his thirty-three, he also happens to think he’s too old for me.
He’s also a little too concerned about what’s right and proper, but that’s fine.
All I need is some time, teach him how to loosen up a little, and everything should fall into place.
But as things turn out…I was so painfully wrong, and now my heart’s all broken.
*A shortened version of this book was previously published as Mr. Rich and Proper.

Book #6 – Flirting with the Playboy CEO (Obsession Series #2)
My boss is a playboy while I’m Miss Sensible. But when he starts flirting with me, oh boy…
The moment I meet billionaire Nicolaas Verhaege, I find myself completely acting out of character.
I find myself taking all sorts of risks.
And even though my friend has done her best to warn me against trusting a man like him…
It’s too late.
I want him too much to stay away.
*Note: A shortened version of this book was previously published as Mr. Hot and Heavy.

Book #7 – Sleeping with the Enemy (Obsession Series #3)
The man I love is marrying someone else…
Since being a good girl only got my heart broken, I’ve come to a decision: from now on, I’m going to be bad… and what better way to start than to have a one-night stand with a smoking hot stranger I’ve met at a bar? Bad boy billionaire athlete Rafael is as wicked as they come, and although all I wanted at first was to do something dirty and wicked…what I discover in his arms feels like the beginning of forever. I want to believe that falling for the second time is the charm, but instead I find out Rafael…is another man I’m forbidden to love.
*Note: A shortened version of this was previously published as Mr. Hot and Cold.

Book #8 – From Secretary to Mistress (Obsession Series #4)
My billionaire boss accidentally saw me naked…
And to make things worse, he also catches me checking out a dating app intended for girls and their sugar daddies.
I’ve always wanted him to notice me, but not like this!
I want to tell him it’s not what he thinks, but when he calls me to his office I know it’s too late.
He’s going to fire me for sure, but instead…he wants me to switch jobs from secretary to mistress?!


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