51 Books by Casper Graham

Genre: Erotic Romance, MMM | ePUB
I write because it’s a passion. I write because I have stories to share with the world. I write because I need a creative outlet. Sometimes, my head is filled with so many competing ideas and thoughts all at once that I simply have to put them all into words. I always have my smartphone with me, including shower time, because the muse hits me at unexpected moments and I don’t want to lose the ideas later. I’ve been dating a wonderfully supportive and loving man since January 2013, someone who is willing to accept my shortcomings, someone who is willing to tolerate my idiosyncrasies… The journey has been long and difficult, but we have our good moments. He has a love/hate relationship with the fact that I sometimes include a part of our stories in my books, but I enjoy writing “us” into the stories anyway. I hope that you will all join me in my writing journey and get a glimpse into my life through my stories.”
1. A Perfect Beginning: Brandon Miller is attracted to his superior, Jacob Connors, and the man’s boyfriend, Harold Collins, but he doesn’t want to insinuate himself into another couple’s relationship. Unexpectedly, the two men ask him out on a date and invite him into their lives. Jacob Connors is having problems with his boyfriend, but neither men is willing to end things between them. Instead of working things out in an ordinary manner, their relationship becomes more complicated when they decide to add Brandon Miller into the mix. Will Brandon be the missing puzzle piece that completes the relationship between Jacob and Harold? Or will the three men crash and burn together?
2. Happily Ever After: Theodore Westbay has finally decided to start dating again after being dumped by his ex-lover, Daniel Worthington. Alan Peterson, a celebrity chef, is sweet and gorgeous and Theodore is slowly falling in love. Daniel has never been able to let go of his feelings for Theodore, so he fights for the man when the opportunity arises. His ex-lover has already moved on though. He realizes that it is too late for them to get back together. Nonetheless, they remain as friends. He even hangs out with Alan, strange as it may be. After months of interactions, Theodore begins to realize that he has fallen deeply in love with both Alan and Dan. He doesn’t know what to do. Does he have the courage to choose between the two men? Or will they all be hurt at the end?
3. Fateful Meeting: Richard Boyd knows that all couples have relationship issues, but Edward Miller has abruptly abandoned him for two weeks now. He misses Edward. The loneliness is killing him slowly inside. Then, he bumps into Samuel Tanner, the nighttime security guy at the office where he works at. The instant and mutual sexual attraction surprises him. Edward is still in love with Richard, but he is tired of being taken for granted. He tries to work things out between them, but Richard’s new friendship with Samuel leaves him cold and insecure. Samuel faces an unexpected dilemma. He is sexually attracted to Richard, but when he meets the man’s estranged lover, he finds himself falling in love with Edward. Can the three men find a way to resolve their issues to their mutual satisfaction? Or will they all crash and burn in the end?
4. Moving On: Raymond Bolton thinks he’s about to get a marriage proposal from Ian McCain during their four year anniversary dinner at the restaurant where they had their first date. Instead, Ian breaks up with him after telling him that the hidden ring is meant for some other guy that Ian has been seeing behind his back for the past year. Heartbroken and desperate, he tries to get Jake Tanner, his childhood best friend, to whip his body back into shape, thinking that he may be able to win Ian back. As they spend even more time together, his long-buried infatuation for his best friend comes rushing back to the surface. It doesn’t help that Jake is constantly touching and hugging him. Out of the blue, Ian seeks him out and talks about getting back together. Does he still have feelings for Ian? Or can he move on and venture into a new relationship with Jake instead?
5. Not a Fairy Tale: Preston Joseph Claymoore is a commoner. Lawrence Arthur Pennington is the Crown Prince of Trouvania. After a misunderstanding, Preston ends up disliking Lawrence. He’s surprised when Lawrence pursues him with thoughtful gifts and corny messages. They clear the air between them and go on discreet dates due to Lawrence’s status. Everything goes smoothly for a while, but right after they announce their dating status, Preston finds himself embroiled in a scandal. A fellow nurse holds a press conference on national TV, accusing him of alleged inappropriate behaviors while performing his job in the pediatric ward at the hospital. He’s suspended pending further investigation. Not only does he worry about his financial obligations, there’s also the possible falling out with Lawrence. The future monarch of Trouvania will not want to be attached to someone like him. Will the scandal spell the end of Preston’s relationship with Lawrence? Or will they stick together and get to the bottom of it?
6. Precious Moments: Blake Hill is a twenty-five-year-old omega who’s too old to be single. No alpha wants to mate with him. He’s prettier than most omegas and he smells just as sweet as any of them, but he’s too tall and too muscular. Alphas prefer smaller-built omegas, and not a freak like him. Mason Armstrong and Kian Evans have been alpha-mates for years. They’re ready for a third mate, preferably an omega they can agree on. Both men are thirty-seven and stable enough in their careers to not worry about their financial future. When mutual friends set up a blind date between the three men, sparks fly, but the alphas insist on the ancient courting ritual before claiming the omega. Do they have a future together? Or will the fire burn out before they reach the mating stage?
7. Best Decision Ever: People have one-night-stands. It’s normal. But Liam Turner ends up having those pesky feelings for his one-night-stand, Titan Nicholson. He doesn’t cling onto the man, though. He knows the deal. It gets complicated when Titan is actually his new professor, who also happens to be an ex-porn star. Titan had plenty of mind-blowing sex working in the porn industry, but there’s something about Liam he can’t shake off. He plans to chalk Liam up as the one that got away, but he’s shocked when the man attends one of his classes at the local community college. Liam knows about his past, but the man agrees to date him. He waits for everything to go wrong, but it doesn’t. Just when he’s adapting to his current life, his estranged family tries to reconnect with him. After his mom’s sudden death, he keeps everyone an arm’s length away, including Liam. Will the they find a way to bridge the distance between them?
8. Thanks to a Blind Date: A pregnant male is normal. A pregnant female is disgusting. Men are to be impregnated. Women are to spread their seeds. A woman is either an alpha or a beta. A man is either an omega or a beta. That’s how things have always been. Roland Harrington, Marcelo Wilcox, and Westin Hart are mated male alphas who are driven by their instincts to breed. However, most people aren’t accepting of their kind. Male omegas or betas may have sex with them because their kind is a taboo, but they aren’t mate-materials. Cael is a good-looking and successful omega. He’s more than just a trophy omega and a baby-popping machine. His latest blind date is a disaster, but he also encounters three rare male alphas who ask him out on a date. He has his reservation, but he agrees to give them a chance. Will the four men find their happy ending together?
9. The Mob Boss and His Companions: Joseph ‘The Phantom’ Farron is frustrated in several ways. As a powerful mobster, he’s always swamped with responsibilities. He can’t rest properly or even enjoy a round or two of mind-blowing sex. He expects companionship and plenty of hot sex when he hires five men from “The Club” before sending them away. At least that’s the original plan. Sterling Clayton, Preston Anderson, Coleman Watts, Nolan Hopkins, and Trent Romero are some of the most sought-after companions at “The Club.” No client has ever hired so many companions at the same time, and not for twenty-four hours. They’re professionals, though. They know what’s expected of them. Things turn out differently, especially with the appearance of those damn pesky feelings. When they try dating one another, Joseph finds himself falling fast and hard. He isn’t perfect, but he’s protective of his lovers. When someone hurts two of his companions, he’s determined to avenge them. Is happily ever after too elusive after all?
10. His Sugar Pups: August Sutton is a handsome, successful billionaire. He should be happy. Instead, he’s stressed out by the constant pressure at work, the gold diggers, and also the paparazzi. He wishes to be left alone. He needs someone to share his burdens with, but he has a hard time trusting anyone. Then Timothy, his long-time best friend, suggests he gets into the sugar lifestyle. Deciding he has nothing to lose, he gives it a try. He finds three gorgeous sugar pups, Jaxson Evans, Bowen Wilder, and Gabriel Young. All three men have varying reasons for becoming sugar pups, but each of them brings something different into the arrangements. August is satisfied for a while. Their temporary arrangements become complicated when his feelings get in the way. Now, he doesn’t quite know what to do. Should he confess his feelings toward his sugar pups and risk losing them in the end? Or is there a chance for a happy ending?
11. The Familiar Asylum: Trent Snow is an orphan who discovers he’s a familiar, a potential mate for a magic user. He’s hunted by corrupt magic users for his abundant magical reserve. Unfortunately, a familiar’s magic is passive. He needs protection. Conan Darkmore is an elemental witch with the ability to control the five elements of air, earth, water, fire, and spirit, but he doesn’t deserve a familiar mate. He’s a descendant of the Darkmore family, one of the most corrupt magical families. His hands are also tainted with the blood of all those corrupt magic users he had killed in the past. Instead, he opens his home to the familiars who are being hunted. When Conan saves Trent from an attack, he’s instantly attracted to the familiar. He can’t believe his good fortune when Trent reciprocates his feelings. Then his home is attacked by groups of corrupt magic users. Can Conan and Trent survive the battle while simultaneously saving each other’s souls?
12. The Real Deal: Sean Hudson is a high school Mathematics teacher. He loves to read. He doesn’t care for the latest trend or those Hollywood celebrities. He doesn’t really watch television either. Besides, he faces more than enough drama from dealing with his teenage students. Rowan Terrell is a famous singer. He has been in the industry for fifteen years, but it’s a lonely existence. Then he meets Sean at a coffee shop. To his delight and astonishment, Sean has no idea who he is. He intends to keep it that way. At least for a little while. He wants Sean to know him as the man he is instead of his celebrity status. Nothing can be kept hidden for long, especially not in Hollywood. He thinks he may finally find his happy ending with Sean, but the public pressure proves to be a little too much for Sean. Can they work things through? Or will they crash and burn in the end?
13. To Love Again: Benjamin Henderson is recently divorced from his cheating ex-husband. After such a humiliating and heartbreaking experience, he doesn’t think he’s ready for a new relationship. He won’t be actively searching for a new man, that’s for sure. Then he has a chance encounter with Tyler West. Tyler isn’t sure Benjamin is serious about dating a single parent like him. All the men he dated before aren’t interested in being burdened down by a child, and he can understand their hesitation and reluctance. Hence, he’s rather wary of Benjamin at first. However, Benjamin proves himself over and over again, and Tyler thinks he may have found his happy ending after all. Then he bumps into Ted, Benjamin’s ex-husband, during a trip to the grocery store of all places. When Ted starts casting doubts about Benjamin’s true intention and feelings toward him, Tyler’s insecurity rushes to the surface. Will Benjamin and Tyler’s relationship survive? Or is it destined for a tragic ending?
14. Lunar New Love: Vincent Yang is thankful to David, his best friend, for being a nosy matchmaker. David introduces him to Anthony Lim, and there’s an instant attraction and chemistry between them. Not only is Anthony good-looking and sexy, the man is also the successful owner of a popular bakery. Vincent agrees to a date with Anthony without any hesitation. One date leads to another, and before he knows it, the two of them are officially together. They have so much in common, especially when they find out about both their respective families being less than pleased about their sexual orientation. Their relationships with their families take a turn for the worse a few days before Lunar New Year. Now, both of them have no families to celebrate the holiday with. It’s both heart-breaking and stressful. Can Vincent and Anthony’s relationship survive the holiday season?
15. Scent & Attraction: Davian Hanson, an alpha werewolf, loves being mated to Deangelo Lowery, an incubus, and Kieran Miller, a nephilim. Then Lane Young walks into the studio for an audition to be the model of the latest perfume produced by the company owned by Davian, Kieran, and Deangelo. Davian is stunned to discover Lane is his true mate, a rare occurrence for a werewolf. As much as he loves Deangelo and Kieran, he can’t walk away from Lane. Kieran and Deangelo agree to work things out with Lane. The four men get along well enough, and soon, their friendship blossoms into a loving relationship. The other supernatural beings accept and respect their relationship, except for a group of power-hungry harpies who crave for Lane’s incredible amount of magical power. Things take a turn for the worse when Lane is abducted. Can Kieran, Deangelo, and Davian make it in time to rescue Lane? Or is their happiness destined to be short-lived and fleeting?
16. Every Single Second of the Day: Luke Marsh is a police detective, not a babysitter. Unfortunately, Skyler Middleton’s daddy is rich, powerful, and influential. When Skyler is almost killed, Luke gets the unpleasant task of babysitting the spoiled heir. Skyler may be one of the most intelligent people in the world and definitely the most beautiful person Luke has ever laid eyes on, but he can’t stand that spoiled brat. At first. Skyler is irate. His father has requested for a police detective to protect him every single second of the day. He already has fifteen female bodyguards. He doesn’t have enough privacy as it is. It’s so much worse now because Luke, the admittedly hunky police detective, will be sharing his bed with him. Luke takes the meaning of “every single second of the day” way too literally. Skyler certainly doesn’t expect for feelings of love and affection to grow between them. Can they survive the assassination attempts? Or will their love end tragically?
17. A Stupid Bet: Dexter Houghton should know better, but he’s bored. Jared Master, his best friend, bets him he can’t make anyone fall in love with him in ten dates or less, and Stephen Howard, his other best friend, also goads him into it. He’s wealthy, successful, and good-looking, and he knows he has an amazing body. Everybody wants him. It’s an easy win for him, but falling in love with Isaac Robbins is unexpected. Isaac works many hours at the diner to earn enough to pay for rent, utilities, and the school fees for the classes at the community college. He has nothing going for him, not even physically. Hence, he’s surprised and rather suspicious when a man like Dexter suddenly asks him out on a date. However, Dexter gets past all his defenses, and he falls in love with the older man. Then he discovers he’s nothing more than a bet. Will the discovery end their relationship for good?
18. A Blessing in Disguise: Hugo Romero is stuck in St. Louis because of the blizzard. His hotel room is given away, but as a regular customer, he’s compensated with the presidential suite. He isn’t excited about his stay at the hotel, though. The blizzard may last for days. He knows he’ll be bored. Javier Gisbert can’t leave St. Louis but, unfortunately, he can’t get a room anywhere. Every hotel in the city is full. When Hugo offers to share his room with Javier, he’s surprised to learn they’ve both flown in from San Francisco on the same flight earlier that day. He’s even more astounded by their lust-filled attraction toward each other. They quickly become better acquainted … both in and out of bed. Then the storm ends and the two men return to San Francisco. Can they sustain their relationship? Or is their passion nothing more than the heat of the moment?
19. A Prince Charming for Christmas: Clement Archibald Felix Leonard Benjamin Constantine is the Crown Prince of Oswington. He also owns Beaumont Department Store, which has multiple locations all over the world. After the betrayal of his ex-boyfriend, he leaves Oswington for several days to take a breather from the paparazzi. Kyle Ross Lee is a struggling actor living in New York. He rarely gets any chance to act on stage, so he works at Beaumont Department Store to earn a living. He also takes in review requests from various companies and posts them on his website. He earns a bit of extra cash and acquires free products at the same time. The two men meet and start dating soon after. There’s only one tiny issue. Kyle has no idea who Clement truly is. What happens when Clement’s real identity is exposed? Will they have their fairy tale ending? Or will that spell the end of their happily ever after?
20. Destined: James Chan is infatuated with Joshua Wallace. However, he’s eight years older than Joshua, and his catering business has a standing contract with the company the other man works for. Joshua also doesn’t seem to reciprocate his feelings. The future of their professional relationship will be uncertain if he’s rejected. Fortunately, he isn’t. They start slow and everything is fine initially, but cultural differences between them become obvious when James invites Joshua to his father’s seventieth birthday party, which is an important milestone in the Chinese culture. Initially Joshua is excited about the gifts he’s preparing for James’s father, but things become awkward when he learns about the negative light in which his gifts may be perceived. Can they smooth things out? Or will their differences be too much in the end?
21. Falling for His Best Friend: Keenan Underwood finally reunites with Pablo Cotilla, his first ever best friend from his younger years. They begin hanging out again, spending plenty of time together. He enjoys every moment with Pablo, but doesn’t expect to fall in love with his best friend, who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Pablo has a hard time controlling himself around Keenan. Keenan is gorgeous, and the man has grown up into a hunk. Pablo doesn’t think he has a chance with Keenan because his best friend doesn’t have any romantic feelings toward him. It would be better for Pablo to conceal his real feelings rather than risk the possibility of being rejected by Keenan and also losing his best friend. But that’s easier said than done. Can they figure out their feelings? Or are they destined to only be best friends forever?
22. Imperfect: David Lee gets emotionally attached, falling fast and hard. He can’t do one night stands. He’s had the worst crush on Tobias since high school, but it changes to intense hatred when he discovers how much Tobias sleeps around in college. Tobias has been infatuated with David for years, but grows frustrated and furious after being repeatedly rebuffed. That’s why he enjoys arguing with David. It’s the only time David will pay any attention to him. After college, they lose touch. But when they meet up years later, Tobias is surprised to discover how much feeling he still harbors for David. This time, David agrees to a date. Can the two men work through their issues and find their happily ever after with each other?
23. The Most Magical Halloween: Darwin Watson and Kellan Houghton own paranormal agency. They handle cases together and spend a majority of their waking hours with each other. When a supernatural murder occurs, they’re introduced to Endymion Vano by one of their mutual friends. Their attraction to Endymion leads them to finally confess their feelings for each other, as well. The three men deal with supernatural cases back-to-back while getting to know one another as potential lovers. The cases grow in intensity, and one involves a painful betrayal from someone close to Darwin, Kellan, and Endymion. None of the men expect it, but they have to work together to survive, especially since the betrayal comes on Halloween night, when the barriers between the worlds are at their thinnest. Will they find their happy ending on the magical Halloween night? Or will Halloween spell the end for all three?
24. The Ninth Hour: Ivan Hart and Darren Larson are about to celebrate their ninth anniversary. Unfortunately, Darren happens to be busy that day. Following Darren’s suggestion, Ivan decides to take a trip down memory lane, visiting some of the places where the two of them have celebrated their previous anniversaries. Then he finds the perfect anniversary gift for Darren. Darren isn’t really busy with work. He’s actually planning an anniversary surprise for Ivan, but he doesn’t want his boyfriend to know about it until the right moment. He enlists the assistance of family and friends, who know of his huge plan except for one little detail. Darren is determined to keep that a secret, but he doesn’t count on Ivan’s unexpected surprise. What happens when Ivan and Darren eventually unveil their surprises for each other?
25. Fulfilling the Omega’s Needs: During an omega’s quarterly heat, his or her body temperature will decrease by several degrees. The alpha, whose rut is triggered by the omega’s heat pheromones, will have a spike in his or her body temperature. Kai Wood is an omega who’s mated to Grant McCarthy, but his alpha can’t form a knot. According to several doctors, everything is fine. Grant will be able to knot sooner or later. However, he can’t bear to watch Kai suffer through his heat. Randall Perry, Damian Sears, and Brock Hoffman are mated alphas who yearn for an omega, but there simply aren’t enough single omegas for all alphas and betas, especially in the small town they live in. The four alphas confide in one another about their respective problems. Then Grant comes up with what he feels is quite a brilliant idea that will benefit all five of them. Will Grant’s idea lead to a happy ending for everybody?
26. A Misunderstanding: Justin Wong falls in love — and lust — with Blake Ingram at first sight. Blake is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. It helps that Blake is muscular, successful, and so incredibly sweet and charming, as well. They work for the same pharmaceutical company, and their respective offices are across the hallway from each other, so they are next door neighbors. Sort of. Unfortunately for Justin, Blake already has someone special in mind. At least that’s his understanding, based on his and Blake’s conversation. Blake thinks Justin is the most gorgeous and the sexiest man he has ever laid eyes on in his entire life. Justin is also compassionate, empathetic, and kind. Blake is absolutely infatuated with Justin. Sadly, he quickly discovers Justin is already attracted to someone else. That conversation between Justin and his best friend, which Blake accidentally overheard, is proof enough for him that Justin is off limits. He’s unwilling to be with someone who can’t fully commit to him. Can the two men resolve this little misunderstanding?
27. Just Another Love Story: Percival Winston Felix Jasper of the Farrington Dynasty, the Crown Prince of Vastrington, knows he can be a great king, but he can’t ascend to the throne without a husband. His parents throw a party, inviting many eligible bachelors on the pretext of celebrating his father’s sixtieth birthday. Maybe he will find someone he likes enough to marry someday. Kenneth Elliot Wilson is the descendant of a peerage member in the British monarchy from his mother’s side. She had been disinherited and disowned for marrying a commoner. Kenneth’s father had died when he was still very young. His mother, who had married another man with two sons of his own, had died soon after. He bears the brunt of his stepfather’s hatred while being bullied by his lazy stepbrothers. After meeting Prince Percival at the party, they start dating. Then someone spreads a vicious rumor about Kenneth’s supposed infidelity. Will this be the end of their happily ever after?
28. Never Left Behind: Calvin Maxwell likes older men, and Turner Marsh is definitely the type of man he’s very much into. Growing up with only his mother by his side, Calvin can’t help but be attracted toward men who are much older than him. His father abandoned him and his mother when he was only four years old, choosing to marry someone new, have kids with her, and refuse any contact with him whatsoever. It’s not strange he has abandonment issues now as an adult. Turner has been single for nearly six years now. He was been dumped by his ex-boyfriend of almost twenty years because the man apparently needed someone fresh, someone more exciting. In other words, anyone but him. The first time they meet, Turner is instantly attracted to Calvin and, fortunately, Calvin likes him, too. Then Turner gets the invitation to attend his ex-boyfriend’s wedding. He brings Calvin along, but doesn’t expect his ex-boyfriend to proposition his new boyfriend. Emotions run high, threatening their new relationship. Can it survive?
29. A Case of Mistaken Identity: Frederick Hunter, Phoenix Chapman, and Sawyer Dunlap need a replacement housekeeper and chef. They decide to get a male android, which looks and feels almost as real as a human being. Carl Hensley can get pregnant. The explosion at the nuclear power plant three decades ago altered the chemical compositions in the air, soil, and water, irreversibly changing the human genetics. Carl’s conservative and religious parents don’t like it. When they try to sell him off to a shady dealer, he escapes, eventually coming upon Frederick, Phoenix, and Sawyer’s house. The three men think Carl is the android they’ve been waiting for. When the misunderstanding is cleared up, Carl stays with them. Feelings soon develop among them. Then abductions of men like Carl occur in the town they live in, and Carl ends up as one of the victims. Can Frederick, Sawyer, and Phoenix rescue Carl before anything bad happens to him?
30. A Second Chance in Love: Chester Hall was born with a weak heart condition. After years of visits to the doctor and endless amount of medications, he’s finally scheduled for a heart transplant. A year later, he meets Edison Bradley. His heart abruptly beats faster, and unfamiliar memories appear inside his head. He cannot understand why he misses Edison so much. It feels as if his heart remembers being in love with Edison at one point in time. Edison is still trying to move on from his previous relationship with Leighton Woods, his boyfriend of more than five years who died in a car accident. When Chester comes into the dessert shop, he feels an immediate attraction toward the man. However, he’s unsure if it’s due to the fact that Chester has similar mannerisms, expressions, and gestures as Leighton, or if it’s because he’s finally ready to move on with someone new. Can Chester and Edison find their happy ending in each other?
31. Once Upon a Star: Zeke Wu is stranded on the road after his car suddenly breaks down. Then he meets a strange old man who invites him to have a cup of tea. That’s when his vision from the past grows stronger. He sees two men, Wayne and James, and though they feel familiar to him, he doesn’t recognize them at all. At least not at first. Sterling has been having dreams of Wayne and James for years now, but as he grows older, the dreams become more vivid, especially after an unexpected meeting with a strange old man who offers him a cup of tea. That’s when he discovers he’s Wayne’s reincarnation in this lifetime, and he has an overwhelming desire to locate James. Or who James is supposed to be presently. When they meet, Sterling feels an instant connection to Zeke, but it takes him a while to be sure that Zeke is the one he’s searching for. Moreover, Wayne and James’s love story ended in tragedy, and it seems his and Zeke’s love story may follow the same path. Will Sterling and Zeke get their happily ever after? Or are they doomed to follow in Wayne and James’s footstep?
32. The Omen, the Crow, and the Cat: Regan Davies is the Dark Omen, a final warning to mean-spirited people before they die. His own deep-rooted bitterness anchors him to the mortal plane for all eternity. He can’t die. He simply exists. Then he meets Zain Perry, a homicide detective, and he falls for the man even though falling in love means he will disappear forever. Zain falls in love with Regan at first sight. Even after knowing Regan’s true identity and the likelihood that their love story may never have a happy ending, Zain continues to fall deeper in love with the Dark Omen. Then tragedy strikes. Zain gets shot on the job. After regaining consciousness and being discharged from the hospital, Zain is unable to get in touch with Regan. The only belonging he has left of Regan is a leather bracelet that has been found on top of him after he gets shot. Has Regan disappeared forever? Or is love strong enough to reunite them?
33. Journey to the Past: Miller Grant is married to Sophie Hall. He feels trapped in his loveless marriage. It’s obvious Sophie is just as miserable as he is. He’s a gay man who marries Sophie only because he’s too much of a coward to go against the command of his conservative parents. Postverta, goddess of the past, helps him to journey to the past and set things right with Noel Montgomery, the only person he ever loved. Noel doesn’t know what’s going on with Miller. His boyfriend will say weird things out of the blue and act in a way Noel never expects him to. He’s most astonished and also relieved when Miller goes against his father’s command and refuses to date Sophie. That rebellion doesn’t seem like Miller at all, though. As much as he appreciates the changes in Miller, he’s also wary of what his boyfriend has become. Can their love survive when Noel discovers the truth about who Miller truly is?
34. Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps: Percy Watts is a successful omega entrepreneur who works in the entertainment industry. In spite of his success, he’s still an omega in a world dominated by alphas and betas. He’s tired of being groped and figures he needs an alpha to protect him, but he doesn’t count on finding two incredible alphas at the auction house. Rohan Adams is an alpha who joins the auction house out of sheer desperation. He’s already working two different jobs and earns barely enough money to survive. Alpha Diego Lawson holds a steady job as a librarian in the research department but dreams of opening his own café someday. His best friend suggests he join the alpha auction house. As the highest bidder, Percy secures the services of both alphas as bodyguards. But things escalate when he receives yet another threatening letter from an alpha who seems to be obsessed with him. Can Rohan and Diego keep Percy safe while they try to navigate their blossoming relationship?
35. Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Jonas Knight is one of the most successful actors in Chestan. He keeps himself busy with multiple projects, including movies and advertisements, but someone wants him dead. He needs someone capable of protecting him, someone who is better trained than all of his current bodyguards. He certainly doesn’t imagine that someone to be Carson Brooks, his ex-boyfriend. He definitely doesn’t expect to still have feelings for Carson. Carson is newly retired from the army and the ghost team, which is a special group that is made up of the best members of the military. He’s the best candidate to protect Jonas. He’s uncertain about his reception, though. After all, he dumped Jonas eighteen years ago because he was more worried about advancing his career in the military. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to appear in front of Jonas now. However, he still cares for Jonas. He also discovers he has lingering feelings for Jonas after all these years. Can the two men work through their differences and find a way to get back together?
36. Falling for the Awkward Billionaire: Wayne Reeves is a hotel receptionist. Most of the customers are decent aside from a few exceptions. The worst has to be Edison Hopkins, a self-made billionaire who snaps at Wayne constantly. Phoebe, Wayne’s fellow receptionist, thinks Edison is simply awkward because he may be infatuated with Wayne. Wayne thinks Phoebe may be clinically insane. Edison is simply rude. Edison has a crush on Wayne. However, he never quite knows how to act or what to say around someone like Wayne who is so incredibly good-looking, it should be a crime to look like that. Then Edison asks Wayne to be his fake boyfriend and attends his mother’s birthday dinner with him. He gets to interact with Wayne more often, and his mother, who nags at him about his long-term single status, can stop worrying. Then they bump into one of Edison’s ex-lovers who tries to stir up trouble for them. Can Edison get his happily ever after with Wayne?
37. A Chance Encounter: Werewolf Darby Sharp on pack land with his family and fellow werewolves and owns a successful bookshop that caters to both supernatural and non-supernatural readers. He’s quite content with his lot in life. But on a trip to the farmers’ market, he detects enticing scents in the air that lead him toward his soul mates. Dillon Lynx is a powerful witch and Riordan Bloodworth, an ancient vampire. The two have been dating for nearly two years and have tried to mate with each other, but the bond fails. They realize they have another soul mate out there, and the bond can’t form if the three of them don’t get together. But the farmers’ market is the last place they’d expect to meet their soul mate. Unfortunately, a serial killer is targeting the supernatural community. Dillon worries about his safety when an elderly gentleman, who carries the stench of something rotten in his blood, appears to be fixated on him. Naturally, Riordan and Darby are less than pleased about the new stalker in Dillon’s life. Can the three men keep one another safe while they work on their blossoming relationship?
38. The Impossible: Galen Lykaios has been a cupid for nearly 4,600 years. He definitely doesn’t volunteer to be one. It’s a punishment because he carries a ton of bitterness and grudges after death toward an ex-lover who betrayed his trust. For thousands of years, he has to watch as most of his charges get their happily ever after. Then he encounters Dion Angelos during one of his assignments, and he senses a spark between them. Dion owns Angelos Funeral Home. He enjoys working on dead bodies because he can keep his interaction with the living down to a bare minimum. People can be stupid and irritating. However, he doesn’t mind when they return as spirits because he enjoys most of their conversations. Then he encounters an ancient demon who seems hell-bent on killing him. Can Galen and Dion form a relationship while battling against the ancient demon?
39. The Cursed Painting: Stefan Dawson is a private detective. His assignments are repetitive and boring until Jax Grant, a powerful mobster, offers him a huge sum of money to find Austin Byrne, a witch who works as a magician and is also an accomplished curse breaker. However, Austin has minimum interactions with non-magical people. That’s why Jax needs Stefan’s help. Stefan may not use his magic actively, but one of his ancestors is a powerful seer. He’s reluctant to take on the assignment, but Jax arouses his curiosity by informing him about a cursed painting. Owen Lawrence has been trapped within the painting for centuries. When the curse is broken, it sets various events in motion, including incurring the wrath of the sorcerer who entrapped Owen centuries ago. The four of them must work together to defeat the sorcerer while navigating through the love that blossom among them.
40. Home at Last: No one can mistake Hyder Reid as anything other than an undeniably virile alpha. He has the looks, build, and confidence, and he’s highly successful. His scent screams pure alpha. He should have been mated long ago, but unlike most male alphas, what he truly desires is to feel another male alpha inside him, preferably beyond a one-night stand. Although the society doesn’t condemn relationships between two or more alphas, it isn’t that accepting either. Hyder is more than a little envious upon discovering Wilfred Chapman and Archer Robinson, his new alpha neighbors, are in a long-term relationship with each other. Their amicable friendship soon leads to something more romantic. However, Hyder is still dealing with issues from his past. When he sees his family at a party, their cold and aloof attitudes toward him remind him that a romantic relationship among alphas isn’t normal. Will Hyder’s issues destroy his relationship with Wilfred and Archer in the end?
41. Forget Me Not: Jensen Morris is financially stable, and has been dating Milo Hawkins for more than fifteen years. Once in a while he feels as if something is missing, but he’s probably imagining things. Milo is a witch who works as an exorcist. His parents died many years ago, and his foster parents were murdered by demons a few years later. Milo thought he must be cursed and would never find stability and happiness until Jensen came along. Since then, Milo’s life has been wonderful. Then Mariana, the leader of the coven of witches Milo belongs to, has visions of a nine-tailed fox and a trail of forget-me-not flowers. Kenta is awakened from a deep trance when he senses a spark of magic from someone who has ventured too close to his well-concealed cave. The first time he sees Jensen and Milo, something about them feels familiar, but he doesn’t know what. Something inside him is blocking his memory. However, they make him feel safe. Can the three men find some joy and stability with one another when danger lurks around the corner?
42. The Matchmaker Alpha and His Two Omegas: Chad Holmes, the alpha owner of a dating agency, has witnessed his fair share of successful matches among his many happy clients, but he has yet to find a mate of his own, which is ironic. Then a chance encounter with Layton Gray and Rio Clark, two gorgeous omegas, at the grocery store leads to an unofficial date. One date leads to the next, and soon, the three of them are officially dating. Rio and Layton have been dating for a while. When they add Chad into the mix, they never expect things to work out so wonderfully among them. Regardless, it’s their best decision ever. The only stain in their happiness is the presence of Franklin Kingston, a persistent alpha who doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of consent and doesn’t care that Rio and Layton aren’t interested in him. Will Chad, Rio, and Layton manage to rid themselves of Franklin’s presence in their lives?
43. The Crossroads Diner: Eric Fong’s relationship with his family hasn’t been great ever since he came out of the closet, but he owns a dim sum restaurant that’s quite successful, and he’s happy at least one aspect of his life is proceeding smoothly. Granted, his life would have been much better if he had a boyfriend because then he wouldn’t feel quite as lonely. However, overall, he’s satisfied with his life. Benjamin Wen is the owner of The Crossroads Diner. Eric thinks Benjamin is cute, and something about the owner of the diner is intriguing. Most importantly, Benjamin prepares food that tastes identical to the ones Eric’s late maternal grandmother used to make for him. There are other aspects of the diner, such as the strange customers who gawk at Eric and only stare at their food and drinks instead of enjoying them, that he considers to be fascinating. He visits the diner night after night, hoping to solve the mysteries behind its existence. Along the way, he finds himself falling for Benjamin. But Benjamin is hiding quite a few secrets from him. Things Benjamin seems unwilling to reveal. Can Eric and Benjamin’s relationship survive in spite of the secrets? Or are they destined to go their separate ways?
44. A Boyfriend for the Holidays: Lucian Rose is the owner of Rose Group, Incorporated. He’s still single, but in a desperate attempt to stop his parents from their incessant matchmaking efforts, he lies and tells them he’s currently dating a wonderful man. He panics when his parents insist that he should bring his boyfriend home for Thanksgiving, which is approximately two weeks away. Then he bumps into Coby Elliott, a senior at the local university. They’re both obviously attracted to each other, and Lucian is relieved when Coby agrees to help him out. When he discovers that Coby is one of his employees, he knows he has to tell the younger man about it. However, he’s worried about Coby’s reaction because he’s quickly developing strong feelings for the younger man. Will Lucian’s confession break them apart? Or will he finally get a boyfriend for the holidays and beyond?
45. The Blood Pearl: Grayson Edward Philip Charles Langston is the crown prince to Oshos, an ancient country in Europe that no longer exists. His parents refuse to accept his sexuality, wanting to force him to get married to a woman of their choice to continue the lineage of the Oshos royal family, so he escapes. While on the run, he passes through a magical mist, leading him into a supernatural world. Kai Angelos is the leader of all vampires. Upon first meeting Grayson, the sweet and intoxicating scent of the young man’s blood tells him they’re soul mates. Convincing Grayson they will be good together isn’t an easy task, though. The politics within the supernatural world are unstable because a particular group firmly believes in their superiority, and that the common mortals should be enslaved. When Grayson’s magic awakens, it adds another layer to the existing complexity. Can their relationship blossom while they fight to save the common mortals from enslavement?
46. The Necromancer and the Men Who Love Him: Calian is a necromancer waiting for his final trial. If he passes, he will earn the last black pearl he requires to become a grim reaper. In the meantime, he must remain in the mortal realm as a living immortal. There are drawbacks, one of which is the need to consume warm yang energy from other men. Gage Hawkins and Flynn Hamilton are mortals with plenty of yang energy. Calian expects one passion-filled evening with two hot and sexy men, but it turns into something deeper and more romantic, and no magic on earth can stop it. Not that he wants to anyway, but Calian’s final trial will be difficult and dangerous, and if he makes it through, he won’t be allowed to stay in the mortal realm. All grim reapers must reside in hell. Can they find a solution? Or is their romance destined to die before it can even come alive?
47. A One Time Thing: When Peter Wong goes to the bar after a frustrating phone call with his parents, he’s only there for a drink or two, and hopefully he can forget about his troubles. At least for a little while. He doesn’t expect to make new friends. Or somehow end up in a relationship. Of sorts. Bruce Yang and Kevin Chan have been dating for more than ten years, and they’ve always been faithful. After a frank discussion about their sex lives, they agree to experiment a little outside of their relationship, but not individually. They will do it together as a couple, and at the top of the list of things they’re both curious about is to have a threesome.br>Both men like Peter, and they’re glad he agrees to join them in their bed. It’s supposed to be a one-time thing. Just to appease their curiosity. However, feelings gradually develop among the trio, and that complicates everything. Will Bruce, Kevin, and Peter risk their friendship and try becoming a throuple?
48. Thank You Very Much, Mr. Mobster: When the supernatural world is exposed, new governmental departments are formed. One of them is the secret special force within the military, and Luke Baxter is a member. Robert Hull, a powerful mobster, funds laboratories that conduct experiments on the supernaturals and the non supernaturals. While out on a mission to uncover these laboratories, Luke is pursued by the members of the mafia. Wounded by a bullet, he hides within the garden of a house. He doesn’t expect to encounter Lorenzo Stephens, Edgar Cooper, and Heath Walters. Initially, the three men are wary of Luke, but they decide to help after learning about Robert’s laboratories. The four men gradually build up trust before developing deeper feelings. However, it’s difficult to date while trying to destroy those inhumane laboratories and being attacked by Robert’s partners, who happen to be a group of powerful dark magic users. Will the four men succeed in their mission while nurturing the love among them?
49. He Should Have Died: Asteroids crashed on earth. Some humans, animals, and plants evolved, developing powers. New types of plants have also sprung to life. Remy Webb unexpectedly awakens as an Evolved Soldier and Protector or ESP after consuming a bottle of elixir instead of only a single drop as prescribed. He must acquire information before going after those who almost kill him. The Lawson League provides information for the right price, but Remy doesn’t have that kind of money or anything else valuable enough. He must find another way in. Fabian Lawson is an only child. His parents don’t allow him to hunt the mutated animals and plants unless he gets Dante Hayes, a ten-crystal ESPs and one of the most powerful beings, as his bodyguard. Thankfully, Dante agrees. Fabian is doubly blessed when Remy, a newly awakened ten-crystal mage, joins in the hunt in an enclosed zone. Feelings develop, but there’s also danger. Can the three men survive while fighting for their love?
50. A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement: Benedict Hulls is instantly attracted to Howard Rugger upon their first meeting. Instead of asking Howard out on a date, Benedict complicates matters by proposing a mutually beneficial arrangement. He will give Howard a sum of money to pay off the man’s business expenses. In exchange, Howard has to go out on dates with Benedict to places with the maximum amount of exposure. Benedict is currently being attacked and humiliated online because his ex-lover, who is a minor celebrity, has given an interview where she hints that something is wrong with him sex-wise. That viral interview damages his reputation. Having a new boyfriend will give the paparazzi something else to focus on. Initially, everything goes smoothly, but feelings soon develop. Then another problem comes along. The paparazzi post photographs of Howard and his restaurant, causing him to be hounded and harassed by strangers. Will the two men manage to resolve the issues while working out their feelings for each other?
51. Finding Love in Another Dimension: Darryl Long is a weak dimension explorer. Exploring dimensions is risky so it isn’t easy for him to find assignments to earn money. When he discovers that Leofric Spencer and Titus Cooke, two of the most famous and strongest dimension explorers need someone who can create a pocket dimension to carry their things, he signs up for the assignment because he has that ability. It’s nothing more than a glorified porter, but he needs the money. Leofric and Titus are boyfriends. They’re both attracted to Darryl. Leofric prefers to be more direct, but Titus doesn’t agree because he’s afraid they may end up scaring Darryl away. After spending time together in another dimension, the three men grow closer. Unfortunately, they encounter a ferocious group of demonic dragons. They must defeat the dragons while working on their relationship, but that’s easier said than done.

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