Underwater Work – 1789852293 .PDF


This book exposes and discusses the inner workings of underwater work along with its challenges and opportunities.Underwater work is work done underwater, generally by divers during diving operations. It also includes work done underwater by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and manned submersibles. The versatility and multifarious skills of underwater work mean that it is possible to operate over a wide range of activities, working in hyperbaric conditions or in confined spaces.

Contents Underwater Work : 

  1. Introductory Chapter: Underwater Ordeals
  2. Cross-Correlation-Based Fisheries Stock Assessment Technique: Utilization of Standard Deviation of Cross-Correlation Function as Estimation Parameter with Four Acoustic Sensors
  3. Diving as a Scientist: Training, Recognition, Occupation – The “Science Diver” Project
  4. Progressive Underwater Exploration with a Corridor-Based Navigation System
  5. Underwater Technical Inspections Using ROV Applied to Maritime and Coastal Engineering: The Study Case of Canary Islands

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