Praise for Marketing in the Public Sector From Expert Professional

Public sector marketing can be said to be a measurable effort starting from the activity process that seeks to create, communicate, deliver, offerings that are of value to customers. In public services, they often face people who need a service, sometimes the general public (customers) feel dissatisfied with a service in the public sector.

These are some of the meanings of Praise for Marketing in the Public Sector from several opinions from an economist, including:

  1.  Somkid Jatusripitak, Ph.D., Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Royal Thai Government “Professionally, as an academic turned politician, this book—if published a few years earlier—would have made my life much simpler. This book lays out, in detail with concrete examples, how to conduct a grand plan for change. Particularly impressive is the application of different marketing principles along each step of the transition process toward establishing an efficient service-oriented governmental agency.”
  2. Christine O. Gregoire, Governor, Washington State  “This book is filled with insights for people who want to communicate effectively about government programs, but it should also be on the bookshelf of any government manager who needs to think creatively about how to improve customer service. Every page contains information and ideas that public-sector leaders can, and should, put in their management tool kits.”
  3. E. Marla Felcher, Ph.D., Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University –  “Increasingly, public sector managers have been challenged to ‘do more with less.’ Marketing in the Public Sector demonstrates that marketing is not simply another line-item expense, but rather a set of tools that help public servants allocate resources more effectively and efficiently. The book is chock-full of realworld stories of creative marketers working within diverse organizations, all of whom have come to understand that marketing is not simply advertising or persuasion, but rather a mindset.”
  4. Dave Ross, CBS News Commentator – “Kotler and Lee are teaching governments to motivate by invitation rather than intimidation. Instead of complaint and reaction, they work to create a culture of contagious cooperation that can replace rulemaking with social consensus. This is a practical manual for un-clogging hearing rooms, cooling tempers, and putting government back on the side of the people who pay for it.”
  5. Dr. K Vijaya, Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Health Promotion Board, Singapore – “Marketing in the Public Sector provides an excellent planning framework for public sector officers engaged in all levels of marketing and communications. Showcasing real-world examples, it successfully demonstrates the marriage of commercial marketing concepts into public sector practice.”
  6. Paul Temporal, Group Managing Director, Temporal Brand Consulting, Author of Public Sector Branding in Asia – “Public sector organizations are now faced with an urgent need to stand out from the crowd in order to successfully compete for funding, talent, and influence. Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee have written a unique, practical, and timely book containing comprehensive guidelines and cases that those involved in the marketing of public sector organizations will find absorbing and most useful.”
  7. Jim Mintz, Director, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing – “Every day, professionals in the public sector deliver thousands of programs and services in increasingly demanding environments. This book is a ‘must read’ and a standard reference for every public servant engaged in public sector marketing and communications. Congratulations to Kotler and Lee for creating a book that is both educational and practical.”

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