Romance Books by Rosa Mink

About Athor Rosa Mink :

Rosa Mink is a pen name for this Midwest girl that loves to read, write, and listen to music. I get inspiration from all sorts of places and at times I feel like my head is going to burst from having too many ideas and not enough time to get them all down before they disappear. As a single mom I tend to spend my evenings doing all the normal “mom” things and then when it’s time for bed, that’s when the magic starts.


Romance Books by Rosa Mink Include :

  1. Wren in Time
  2. Her Bear’s Promises
  3. Loving KC
  4. The Sheriff’s Snowstorm Surprise
  5. A Little Mistletoe Magic
  6. His Surprise Fiancée
  7. Gigi’s Bear
  8. Hitman’s Secret
  9. His Baby Girl
  10. Claiming His Family
  11. Reclaiming His Mate
  12. Paisley’s Rock
  13. Lies Dani Told

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