Marsh Saga series by AnneMarie Brear

About Author AnneMarie Brear :

English houses and a fascination of what might have happened beyond their walls. Her interests include reading, genealogy, watching movies, spending time with family and eating chocolate – not always in that order!

Marsh Saga series by AnneMarie Brear Include :

Millie (#1)
The Great War is over, and Millie is ready to leave her loving family home and be a wife to Jeremy who is everything she had hoped for.
Not long after their wedding, Millie discovers Jeremy is affected by shell shock and moving into his late father’s cold dark estate escalates the problem. Millie tries to help, but Jeremy grows more distant and befriends a homeless, wounded ex-soldier, Monty, who has secrets…
As Millie’s distrust of Monty grows, a rift is created between her and Jeremy and when he leaves to receive hospital treatment, she is left feeling abandoned. When her family is dealt a terrible loss, it is Millie who must be the strongest. However, just when she feels things couldn’t become worse, she suffers her own heartbreaking tragedy.
Grieving and alone, Millie wonders if her marriage can ever be mended, but she can’t give up without a fight.
Will a new home for her and Jeremy in a foreign country be the answer, or will the events of the past destroy everything she wished for?

Prue (#2)
When her feisty grandmama informs Prue of her intentions to take her travelling, she is excited and ready to explore outside of England.
Restless, unsure of what she needs and wants, Prue arrives in India intent on adventure. However, Prue soon learns that some escapades come with a price. India is exotic and tantalising, yet also rife with unrest, and closer to home, family secrets unravel destroying lives.
Leaving India and heartbreak behind her, a wiser Prue travels to Italy. Experiencing that life is short, Prue is determined to make the most of her holiday and have some fun, only she wasn’t prepared to meet a man who would make her question herself.
Surviving the war was easier than enduring the quiet peace at home. In need of distraction, Brandon Forster and his friend, Vince, spend their time climbing mountains in Europe. The last thing Brandon expected was to meet an attractive English rose with the same edgy spirit as himself.
When Prue reveals her past mistakes to Brandon, he must decide if she is the woman for him, but a tragic accident makes them both confront deeper feelings.
Can they find in each other the missing element they need to make them whole or will previous anguish taint their future?

Cece (#3)
Cece is gifted a cottage in the Scottish Highlands. She doesn’t want a cottage or to go to Scotland. Her sisters’ gifts were much more interesting.
When spurned by the man she loves, and tasked with selling the beloved family home, Cece believes she will never find the contentment her sisters enjoy. Despondent and alone, Cece learns that another ‘unwanted gift’ is suddenly very real and forces her to flee to Scotland and to the hated cottage, which proves to be nothing as she imagined. Old, rundown and in need of some tender care like Cece, the cottage becomes her bolt hole to lick her wounds and hide from the world.
Only, she didn’t plan on sharing her home with a runaway orphan or finding herself the interest of the local villagers, especially the school teacher who breaks through her barriers and makes her feel special, and there’s a certain brooding Highlander that she can’t quite work out.
However, just when Cece believes she might find her happy ever after, she is taught to take nothing for granted. Hurtful secrets are revealed, and happiness is destroyed. Who can she trust?
Then, when she is at her lowest, one man shows her that not all is lost.

Alice (#4)
London 1929.
Lady Alice Mayton-Walsh has always been a free independent spirit, a woman ahead of her time. She has always been a risk taker, grabbing life with both hands and living it to the full after the premature death of her new husband in the Great War. With wealth and position, having travelled the world, Alice boldly defies convention and created, Sheer, her women’s magazine to rival Vogue, However, after years of hard work and success, she finds that her life isn’t as complete as she expected it to be. Something is missing.
Vince, her brother’s best friend, a man she has known since childhood,reveals plans to marry an heiress to save his family’s fortunes. The news shocks Alice. He is throwing away his life marrying a woman he doesn’t love, and what’s more, Alice realises she wants more than just friendship with him.
Yet, before she has a chance to follow her heart, Vince becomes a changed man. After losing everything, he turns his back on the glitzy and extravagant life and moves to the East End of London. Confused, Alice tries to understand this very different Vince, but it’s not until she is confronted by three poor orphans and Vince’s determination to help them that she recognises what has been missing in her life might be right under her nose.
But a tragic accident threatens the happy future Alice has dreamed about. Has she lost her second chance to find love?

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Genre: Fiction  Romance Historical, Family

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